Every day inspiration

Things I’m good at

I’m pretty good at playing piano as long as its in the key of C.
I use to be good at guitar, mandolin, bass, etc.
I’m good at singing
I’m good at listening
Im good at being compassionate
Im good at showing passion
Im good at giving love

Things I’ve learned

think before I speak
don’t live in the past
forgive yourself, then others
Tell those you love that you love them and tell them often
don’t allow anyone else to tell you wether or not your saved
don’ t allow fear to run your life
don’t allow anyone else to steer your ship

things I like

My wife (I love)
my kids (I love)
my grandkids (I love)
warm weather
country music
christian music
Garth Brooks
Rascal Flatts
my dog
That I now know who I am and where Im from and I don’t let any of the things on my lists define me and I will keep working to improve myself along lives journey until I finish this journey and return to my true home.

Things I wish

I was a better son, dad, husband
I wish I would have pursued a music career
I wish I would have loved deeper, spoke sweeter, and gave forgiveness I ve been denying. (Thanks Tim Mcgraw)
I wish I could have been with my dad one last time before he passed but thank the good lord I can still talk with him every day.
the same for my older sister.

Is There Really Life After Life?

I am David Michaels and I am here as the result of a near death experience. In 2012 I went into the hospital for a fairly routine surgery. The surgery ended up taking longer than was expected and that combined with my lack of desire and motivation helped cause me to have a double pulmonary embolism. The doctors knew that there was little chance that I would live so they told my oldest daughter who had brought me in to call the rest of the family to say goodbye. At arrival to the hospital, I was basically dead but through the quick work of the EMT’s and the doctors and staff at the hospital they were able to save me. Shortly there after I began knowing things without realizing how I knew them. In time I became fairly accurate, not in predicting the future but in others ways that still seemed impossible for me to know. Over the course of a few years, I began hearing voices and holding conversations with them. After much studying and reading I realized that I was talking to those who had crossed over and I learned many things by talking to them. I am here to share my story and to tell people that there is definitely life after this life and the next life is wonderful as I was taken there on a tour of heaven while I was gone. I have published my first ebook sharing the entire story with you and I have high hopes that you will love this book.